Research Software Platform Registry

Registry of software platforms free to use for research purposes.

To learn more about the program, please read the CANARIE Research Software Program web page. To learn more about an individual platform, click on the platform name below.

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Platform NameContributorResearch SubjectStatusAvailability
Harvard Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA; Queen's University, Kingston, ON; and othersMulti - discipline84.7%
Cybera and University of CalgaryEarth Science100.0%
Concordia UniversitySpatial Representation of NarrativesComing Soon
University of VictoriaCivil Engineering98.0%
CANFAR @ University of VictoriaAstronomy99.5%
University of Alberta & University of GuelphSocial sciences and humanities98.0%
McGill UniversityGenetics99.4%
McGill UniversityMulti - discipline98.5%
University of CalgaryRemote Sensing100.0%
University of GuelphSocial sciences and humanities100.0%
The Gordon FoundationWater quality, pollution99.4%
University of Toronto Libraries, Scholars PortalSoftware and development100.0%
University of Toronto Libraries, Scholars PortalInformation Technology99.5%
CRIMDatasets, metadata and annotations100.0%
Université de Sherbrooke & McGill UniversityBioinformatics99.9%
UBCResearch data access and discovery97.9%
University of TorontoCivil EngineeringX0.0%
University of VictoriaParticle Physics
McMaster UniversityTheoretical Physics and Chemistry99.8%