Research Software Platform Registry

Registry of software platforms free to use for research purposes.

To learn more about the program, please read the CANARIE Research Software Program web page. To learn more about an individual platform, click on the platform name below.

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Platform NameContributorResearch SubjectStatusAvailability
Cybera and University of CalgaryEarth Science99.8%
CANFAR @ University of VictoriaAstronomy99.8%
CANARIESoftware and development99.7%
CANARIESoftware and development96.8%
University of CalgaryRemote SensingComing Soon
University of GuelphSocial sciences and humanitiesComing Soon
McGill University & University of SherbrookeBioinformatics99.2%
University of TorontoCivil Engineering99.8%
University of VictoriaParticle PhysicsX0.0%
University of WaterlooEnvironmental EngineeringComing Soon
IRMACS / Simon Fraser UniversityImmunology100.0%
University of CalgaryAnalytical ChemistryComing Soon
Simon Fraser UniversitySocial Sciences and HumanitiesX0.0%
Bird Studies CanadaBehaviourComing Soon
CRIMImage and video processing, Cognitive science - fundamental99.7%
Ouranos Inc.Climate and atmosphereComing Soon
The Hospital for Sick Children, the University of Toronto, and Gene42 Inc.Health sciences, Deep phenotyping, Genome analysis100.0%
Cybera and University of CalgaryAstronomy and AstrophysicsX79.3%
Western UniversityLearning and education99.8%
Carleton UniversityMulti - discipline94.5%